Shreddin’ da Gnar at Coon Goon

This past weekend almost felt like a social experiment. The ingredients: friends, acquaintances, strangers, immeasurable amounts of alcohol, and junk food. The setting: a charming lake cabin surrounded by snow. The result: equal parts epic and legendary. The strangers became acquaintances. Acquaintances became friends. Friends became balls-out butt-buddies. Sneaky (and not-so-sneaky) ninjas picked locks using plastic forks. A drunk girl was stacked on a coffee table that was stacked on a passed-out drunk dude. Naked ninja rolls and baseballs slides were performed in the snow.
A cave of wonders (the wonders being two nipples and chest hair). Christmas ornament earrings for men. Tattoos. Creeps. Pickles. ‘Qream with a Q with Q.’ Solo Cup Shoes. Blue Moon Boots. Tickle wars. Chicken nugget meatball pizzas. Dat shit cray.
This all happened because four lovely girls decided to be born around the same time. Cheers and happy birthday to Sooryun, Soojin, Val, and Tara. What a splendid way to jumpstart 2012.

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