Washington Wizards: A Season Of Futility In The Nose-Bleeds May Actually Cause A Bleeding Nose

When the NBA announced that it would in fact hold a shortened schedule, my brother and I decided to become first-year Wizards season ticket holders. Since I’ve never had season tickets, it was quite exciting. It’s been a roller coaster, to say the least; a roller coaster that only goes down, goes really slow, and feels frustratingly discombobulated. The Wizards got their first win against the Raptors, and that felt good.

Note that the pictures below are taken from Section 413, Row B, so I’m quite a ways away from the action. That said, I experimented with my Minolta 100-300mm Zoom xi (f/5.6 max aperature at 300mm) and the Minolta beercan 70-210mm f/4.

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